Gift combos

  1. Mini Breton Biscuits

    Mini Breton Biscuits

    Uniquely delicious!

    The origin of Breton Biscuits is France; they are sometimes called French Butter Cookies. Breton Biscuits are made from scratch from a rich buttery dough, hand rolled, scored and egg washed to bring out their shine. They are little bite sized cookies perfect for a snack or a little somethin', somethin'.

    8 ounces of biscuits per container.

    Add a medium tin of 18 Mini Brownies for a nice combination treat!

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  2. U-Stack-m Tower

    U-Stack-m Tower

    Your pick, U-Stack'm! We selected multiple treats for a sweet U-Stack'm Tower!

    Choices include: Mini Brownies, Mini Chocolate Dipped Brownie Posies, Lemon or New! Coconut Shortbread Cookies, or New! Twix-like Caramel Sandwich Cookies (buttery shortbread cookies, homemade caramel, dipped in chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt!), Sugar Cookies and more.....

    Choose your options below for a one box, 2 box or 3 box Tower assortment!

    Want to make a different combination, call to place your order pick'm and we'll stack'm!

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  3. Mini Tower

    Mini Tower

    A Selection of delicious combinations for all occasions. All beautifully packaged and sent with your personalized message.

    Each Mini Tower contains a Medium Tin of 18 Mini Brownies and is topped with your choice of nuts or confections.

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  4. Medium Tower

    Medium Tower

    The Medium Tower is a great gift for the family or the office!

    • Three Way Nut Tin
    • Medium Tin of 18 Mini Brownies
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  5. Gluten Free Combo

    Gluten Free Combo

    Gluten Free Cookie Brownie Combo! Free of gluten but great texture and flavor. Made with our custom blend of gluten free flours, sugars, honey, butter and lots of chocolate for a super tasty treat. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1.5 oz. each. Gluten Free Brownies, 2.7 oz. each. All individually wrapped.

    The Combo Tin includes:

    • 8 Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • 8 Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Brownies
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  6. Silver Dot Feature Tower

    Silver Dot Feature Tower

    The Silver Dot Feature Tower is a delicious combination of treats wrapped extra special with gift wrap and ribbon to celebrate the occasion.

    Each Tower includes :
    • Sweet n Salty Mixed Nuts
    • 24 Mini Brownies
    • Large Popcorn Tin
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  7. Cookie Brownie Combo

    Cookie Brownie Combo

    Our cookies and brownies are made using our family favorite recipes. Crafted by hand and made especially for you. The Combo includes one Chocolate Chunk Brownie, one Double Dark Brownie and one Blondie Chocolate Chunk, 4oz. each, and Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1.25oz each. All are individually wrapped.

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  8. Build a Spring Tower

    Build a Spring Tower

    Choices, choices!

    Your choice for a truly custom tower. Make your choices below for total cost.

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