1. Mini Breton Biscuits

    Mini Breton Biscuits

    Uniquely delicious!

    The origin of Breton Biscuits is France; they are sometimes called French Butter Cookies. Breton Biscuits are made from scratch from a rich buttery dough, hand rolled, scored and egg washed to bring out their shine. They are little bite sized cookies perfect for a snack or a little somethin', somethin'.

    8 ounces of biscuits per container.

    Add a medium tin of 18 Mini Brownies for a nice combination treat!

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  2. Custom Logo Cookies

    Custom Logo Cookies

    Say it with your own logo!

    Our Sugar Cookies are iced and directly imprinted with your own brand to send a delicious, memorable gift to your employees or clients. Each cookie is individually wrapped for easy sharing, packaged in a gift tin with a complimentary colored bow and ribbon.

    Minimum twelve cookies per order.

    Bulk orders welcomed, and quoted for volume.

    Please send images to be printed to:

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  3. Shortbread Posies

    Shortbread Posies

    Pick the Posies!

    Our Posies are made from scratch, hand rolled and decorated with icing and sugars. We use all butter and pure vanilla for delicious little cookies and decorated them with colorful little posie cut outs. Each cookie is approximately 2.5" and is individually wrapped for easy sharing.

    20 cookies per order.

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  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin

    Everyone's Favorite!

    Most will tell you Mom makes the best! But with busy schedules, sometimes there is no time. Let us help you out! Made from scratch, hand scooped, lots of chocolate chips, individually wrapped, and shipped the same day. It couldn't be easier. Twelve Cookies per order.

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  5. Crispy Chippers

    Crispy Chippers

    Some like them crispy!

    Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies are light and crispy and delicious to munch! Small in size (about 2") but full of flavor. Twenty four cookies per tin, four packages of six, 13 oz.

    Available in our Double Stack Combo and also the Mini-Chipper Box.

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  6. Vanilla Bean Brulee

    Vanilla Bean Brulee

    Yes, we torched the cookies!! If you are a fan of Creme Brulee and it's all about the caramelized sugar topping then you will love ourVanilla Bean Brulee Shortbread Cookies. Made with Butter, and flavored with Madagascar Vanilla and Vanilla Beans.They are tender but the sparkly sugar is crunchy on top. Twenty four cookies per tin.

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  7. Spring Shortbread Sampler Tin

    Spring Shortbread Sampler Tin

    Yummy! Our Shortbread Sampler Tin is a perfect way to try four of our yummy shortbread cookies.

    Chocolate Vanilla Shortbread Cookies are a combination of dark chocolate shortbread cookies dipped in creamy vanilla candy dip sprinkled with colorful candy sequins.

    Iced Lemon Shortbread Cookies always a favorite of our shortbread cookie collection. They are the cookie version of fresh squeezed lemonade made with fresh lemon zest and juice.

    Yes, we torched the cookies!! If you are a fan of Creme Brulee and it's all about the caramelized sugar topping, then you will love our Vanilla Bean Brulee Shortbread Cookies. Flavored with Madagascar vanilla and vanilla bean, they are crisp and the sparkly sugar is crunchy on top.

    Loralie is Crackin' ! Pistachio Shortbread Cookies are a blend of butter, Madagascar vanilla, sugars, flour and roasted salted pistachios. Then we dipped them in vanilla candy dip with a pinch of salted pistachios.

    Four flavors, six of each flavor per tin.

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  8. Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

    Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

    Loralie is Crackin'! The Pistachio Shortbread Cookie is a wonderful combination of sweet and salty. They are made from scratch, studded with roasted salted pistachios, dipped in vanilla candy dip and garnished with more pistachios. Twenty four cookies per tin.

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