About Us

and we wouldn't need too many pages because we aren’t one of those big baking companies with layers and layers of management.

Instead, we would like to introduce you to some of the unsung heroes who have contributed to our success. Loralie's Baking Co. is a family-owned operation that's big enough to satisfy many of the nation's leading corporations and organizations, but small enough so the boss knows exactly what's going out the door every day.

Which brings us to...

Old Tom and his pals basically created professional golf tournaments over at St. Andrews more than a century ago. And Loralie's Brownies were introduced to the world in 1986 in the concession stands of... yes, a professional golf tournament! More than two decades after our debut, we're still baking brownies the old-fashioned way, made from scratch in small batches. (But now we make a lot more batches - we've sold more than five million brownies!) And we're still serving fans at several stops on the PGA Tour, because brownies are great for golf watchers. Think about it: Crunch a potato chip during Jason Day's backswing and you might get tossed off the course. But chewing a moist, fresh brownie makes no noise. Well, except for that satisfied little mmm when you taste your first bite.

Or those three wise men who deserve credit for making the gift-giving idea take off. Our business has grown through word of mouth, the ultimate endorsement, because brownies are a perfect treat for all occasions. Who doesn't love brownies? They're comfort food and, as one satisfied customer told us, they're "a piece of chewy, chocolate art!" In fact, we like nothing better than hearing from someone who has received a Loralie’s gift, who's now calling to send a tin or two (or 20) to others! Customer requests inspired us to add a selection of cookies to our menu and to change our name to Loralie’ s Baking Co. to reinforce that we’re more than just brownies now.

Your brownies are shipped at the peak of freshness on the day they are baked. So Brown comes by our place in Columbus, Ohio every afternoon in his big brown truck. He picks up your orders and starts them on their way that very evening to your family, friends and business associates. And since Brown and his colleagues are focused on speedy delivery, we don't need to put any preservatives in our brownies and cookies -- just the finest of ingredients. And can't you imagine that with all those fresh-baked treats going in and out, the back of Brown's truck must smell GREAT! Our customers tell us they appreciate the personal touch – with brownies and cookies baked to order and then packaged and gift wrapped the same way you would do it yourself. If your name was Loralie, that is.

Which brings us to...

Our founder is somewhat mysterious and rarely seen in public. Loralie spends her days in the test kitchen because she loves chocolate, loves brownies and loves coming up with new shapes, sizes and flavors. She emerges in a cloud of cocoa dust every once in a while to announce a new discovery. Thirty years ago, she declared that the future of brownies was round and bite-sized, and we've followed her lead ever since. Most recently, she appeared and asked, "What if we put a layer of FUDGE on top of the brownie?" By the time we stopped cheering, she had disappeared again.

These are just a few of the people who have helped the team at Loralie's Baking Co. complete our mission: To bake the best brownies and cookies from scratch and ship them with care the very same day.